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Software Testing

& QA Services


Spiral Mantra provides you with the expertise of the best Automation & Manual Testers in the industry to ensure the proper functioning of your app. By using our innovative solutions and high-quality assurance standards, we can assist you in enhancing your Mobile and Web apps

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Automation Testing

Our Automation Testing Services provide a comprehensive automation framework to minimize defects, enhance the speed of execution, and optimise testing at a minimal cost.

Test Automation Framework Implementation: We design automation frameworks for the desired application specification to optimize the Automation Test process. We ensure that our automation testing framework results in test precision at optimal cost.

Automated Regression Testing: Our Automated Regression Testing services ensure that software application remains defect-free after the new feature integration. 

Automated Functional Testing: Our Automated Functional Testing services guarantee the best user experience and high-quality application development by evaluating the functionality of applications to ensure that each function meets the specified requirement.

Automation Test for Mobile Application: We provide Automation Testing Services for both Android and iOS applications. We focus on loading speed, performance, navigation, scalability, and cross-platform compatibility at optimal testing time and expenses. 

Automation Test for Web Application: Our Automation Test Services offer early detection of errors in web applications and ensure rapid development and deployment of web apps.

Manual Testing

We guarantee exceptional user experience through our Manual Testing Services. We test and analyse to ensure that our software is free from any bugs or glitches.

Unit Testing: Evaluate individual software performance to ensure the application functions according to the specified requirements. Enable code-reusability to migrate code and tests into the new project.


Regression Testing: Our Testing Services ensure that any new feature or upgrade is seamlessly integrated into the existing software application without affecting its functionality.


API Testing: Evaluate the functionality and stability of the application to ensure that it meets the desired specifications.


Cross-Browser Testing: We provide a high-quality user experience by ensuring a website or an application works consistently across multiple browsers and devices.


Mobile UI Testing: Our Mobile App Testing Services provide top-notch Android App and iOS App Testing. We aim at the usability, visibility, consistency, and accessibility of mobile applications for a seamless user experience.

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Our Testing Services

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