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Consulting & Implementation

Our DevOps Consulting Services help automate the CI CD pipeline across various cloud platforms for faster market reach, improved efficiency, and superior product quality. We have integrated Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, GitHub, etc., into our DevOps Solutions to enhance the agility and scalability of the software application along with the use of Azure DevOps and other tools. Our services help organisations accelerate cloud operations at cost-effective prices.

Our DevOps Services

DevOps Consulting

Hire DevOps developers who provide expert services covering containerization, server support, server security, orchestration & Virtualization. Our services guide the entire DevOps process through the perfect blend of best practices and cutting-edge tools, thus achieving increased frequency and reliability of software releases for your organisation.

Infrastructure As a Code (IaaS)

Supercharge your DevOps pipeline with on-demand, scalable infrastructure on Spiral Mantra’s robust IaC platform. We manage and provision infrastructure through code with our IaC services to ensure consistent configuration, fast deployment, robust security, and enhanced operational efficiency.

CI/CD Integration

Embrace the harmony of CI CD integration! We sync development, testing, and deployment like a practised band by automating and orchestrating your development pipeline. Hire DevOps Engineers who can automate processes and synchronise teams, resulting in high-quality software delivery that happens quickly

Containerization with Kubernetes

Embrace the future of software development with a dynamic duo: containerization and Kubernetes. Discover the potential of compact, lightweight containers together with their dependencies, then use Kubernetes to seamlessly orchestrate them.

DevOps Managed Services

Our DevOps Services offer continuous infrastructure maintenance, monitoring and improvement, application deployment, and faster incident analysis and resolution. We assist in cloud management to migrate data to the data through Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Cloud Cost optimization

We combine continuous integration and continuous deployment of IT infrastructure with automation to enhance product quality at optimal cost and time. We provide the best cloud cost optimization advice available, enabling you to conquer cost and find financial peace.

AWS Consulting
AWS Consulting

Accelerate the deployment and delivery process of applications with our Amazon Web Series (AWS) Services. Hire AWS Developers to leverage the full potential of AWS DevOps through automated infrastructure deployment, VPC management, performance monitoring, and cost optimisation.

Azure Consulting
Azure Consulting

Hire Azure Developers who can assist in faster building and deployment of applications. We have expertise in source control, CI CD, testing and early error detection, and better project management.

DevOps Tools & Platform

Implementing DevOps principles successfully requires tracking and optimizing your business performance. We use the following automation technologies and platforms for employing DevOps Services.